Mobile Compactor Storage Racks

Mobile compactor storage racks offer increased storage capacity. Also, they help in reduced floor space occupation. Mobile compactor systems are useful for various spaces. They are practical in Offices, Warehousing, Pharma & Hospitals, Educational Institutes and General Industry. The compactor systems are designed as per storage and movement needs. They are very compact and offer smooth mobility. Also, we keep up with the aspects of security, easy functioning and durability. Our mobile compactor storage racks are made from excellent quality materials and parts. Built to last, they offer high floor surface utilization and economic storage. There is better overview of all your stock. We bring customized compact systems for customers' needs with cost-effective solution.
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Office Records Mobile Storage Racks

Price: 45000

We offer innovative mobile storage racks that are especially designed for office records. These systems will increase the space utilization and work efficiency. Also, they are convenient, robust and easy to handle. They are considered cost-effective racking systems. We keep up with modular design concepts to meet customers' requirements and preferences.

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Filing Compactors Storage System

Price: 50000

Filing compactors storage systems are outstanding for office use, hospitals and labs etc. These systems have wide applicability, and ideal for documents, files, computer peripherals, and more. They are designed to be space saving, capacious and cost effective. They create perfectly organized storage in a limited space.

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High Rise Mobile Storage Racks System

Price: 65000

High-rise mobile storage racks system is widely applicable in commercial and industrial areas. They show excellent accommodation, space utilization and capability. With technical excellence and cost efficiency, they meet industrial storage requirements perfectly. Also, they offer design flexibility, ease of assembly and stability. These systems are applicable in automobile, pharmaceuticals, engineering, manufacture units, etc.

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Mobile Racks Storage System

Price: 45000

Mobile racks storage system is effective for institutions, libraries, hospitals and offices. Built to last, it makes a space-saving storage solution. Also, our manufactured rack systems offer a combination of efficiency, value and cost-effectiveness. We make sure that the system has good load capability and innovative construction for easy accessibility.

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Mobile Shelving Storage System

Price: 45,000 INR

Our mobile shelving storage system has a simple and sophisticated construction. It features negligible maintenance and long-term durability. The system has an innovative space-saving storage method. It is outstanding for high-density document and business storage applications. The system offers good functionality, flexibility & aesthetics.

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Mobile Compactor Shelving System

Price: 45,000 INR

Our mobile compactor shelving system is centered on space optimization & improvement. This ensures optimum use of space, increasing the storage capacity. Also, there is fast and easygoing access to material. We keep up with simple operation and good movable versions. Applications include: material storage in pharmaceutical, auto, light engineering, distribution centers, hotels and hospitals etc.

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Industrial Compactor Storage System

Price: 50000.00 - 60000.00 INR

Compactor Shelving system is the most ideal & latest concept in...

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High Density Mobile Shelving System

Price: 45000.00 - 60000.00 INR

High density mobile shelving is greatly space efficient. It is outstanding in compactness, improving organization, accessibility & ergonomics. The shelving offers a fast, simple and effective solution for many applications. Some of its benefits are: reduced storage floorspace, cost-effective and multiple uses. Also, it is aesthetically pleasing and functionally smooth.

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Customized Mobile Shelving System

Price: 55000

We understand storage, and offer customized mobile shelving systems. We have perfect storage options for your particular needs. There are proven benefits, such as: good adaptation, security, easy movement, aesthetics and negligible maintenance. Also, we provide our customers with innovative space-saving solutions. They are perfect for storing a variety of material.

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Mobile Compactors Storage System

Price: 35,000 INR

We offer perfect compactors storage systems that are space-saving and mobile. Mounted onto strong base units, they can be moved easily and effectively. They are designed for good storage capacity and reduced floor space. There is innovative locking system for secure storage. The systems are used in offices, warehousing, libraries, and other industrial.

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Mobile Filing Compactor Racks

Price: 35,000 INR

We create industrial Mobile Compactor Racks that have various benefits, such as: efficient use of space, security, smooth movement and easy assembly. They are perfect for industrial storage applicators, documents, and other utilization. Also, the systems offer good functionality, flexibility and aesthetics for your space.

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Mobile Shelving System

Price: 35,000 INR

We manufacture mobile shelving systems in various types and configurations. They are engineered for great functionality, simplicity and flexibility. These systems offer more storage capacity in a small area. As space saving systems, they are perfect for storing files, documents, stationary, perishable goods, and other materials. Also, there are effortless movement and easy adaptation.


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